Two wins away from an SEC Tournament Championship, and the Volunteers are still focused on the bigger picture

Arguably, Tennessee Baseball came into the SEC Tournament in Hoover as the best team in all of College Baseball with well over 50 wins and only one SEC Series loss on the season. The Volunteers came to Hoover red hot and smoking with a Championship on their mind. As it sits right now, Tony Vitello and his Tennessee Volunteers are two wins away from securing their first SEC Tournament Championship since 1995.

To get to this point in the Tournament, Tennesse dominated Vanderbilt 10-1 on Thursday night before advancing to Friday night’s monster matchup with the LSU Tigers.

Friday night was a special night for all of College Baseball as both the Volunteers and Tigers took to the Hoover Met for an epic battle of Championship caliber. Sure, it was late, but Tennessee showed why the Volunteers deserved to be called the best team in Baseball. When LSU cut the Tennessee lead to one run in the 6th inning, the Volunteers high powered offense added two runs to make it 5-3 Volunteers as the final.

With the win over LSU on Friday night, the Volunteers advance to the single elimination semifinal round, where they will face the winner of Kentucky and LSU, who plays earlier in the day.

Tennessee will face another massive challenge with either matchup. Earlier this season, Kentucky figured out a way to dismantle the Volunteers by countering their explosive offensive unit with that Kentucky small ball that has given the Wildcats a run this week in Hoover.

Photo Credits: Tennessee Baseball

Matchup-wise, if you’re Tennessee, you would want to face Kentucky than LSU, but in Hoover, anything is possible. Yet, the Volunteers are two wins away from an SEC Tournament Championship, and that alone is a success for a team who is trying to claim their way as the top dog SEC baseball.

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