Over 30 years of tradition, an inside look at Stadium View Cards

Owner of Stadium View Cards, Piv sits down with Mitch Davis to talk College Baseball and more.

One of the best not so secrets surrounding the College World Series is a hole-in-the-wall type place that every College Baseball fan should visit at least once in their life. It’s nothing fancy, but Stadium View Sports Card is a unique place filled with Baseball memories from generations prior.

Photo Credits: – Mitch Davis

Nestled right across the street from the old Rosenblatt Stadium, you can feel the history of the place just by walking in the door. The owner is a 67-year-old lawyer named Piv, who has a unique love for the game of College Baseball. He has had famous people like Kevin Costner, Brandon Walker from Barstool, and Peter Burns of the SEC Network, have all walked through the doors of Stadium View Cards.

Mitch Davis talks with the owner Mr. Piv

Yet, despite the fame of those guys, Mr. Piv treats everyone the same. He starts the contact with the patron by offering them an ice-cold free beer while they adventure into the wonders of the store. It isn’t a big store, but the stories that sit on the shelves of this place are timeless.

Once you walk in, one of the first things you will see is an old scoreboard taken from the original Rosenblatt Stadium. On another wall, you will find an old Arizona State Baseball sign with a story of its own on the whereabouts of how it got there. According to Mr. Piv, one night, after too many drinks, he and a few friends went over to Rosenblatt Stadium, where the College World Series had placed a gulag-looking fence around the Stadium. From there. Piv did what any other Baseball guy would have done in his place, and he cut down the sign and delivered it to his business, where it sits today.

An Arizona State Baseball banner proudly sits at Stadium View Cards

On another wall, you will find a collection of pictures, programs, and College World Series collectibles that are both rare and unique. You will also find a wide assortment of shirts with the Stadium View Cards logo and saying on them. Piv sells the shirts for 15$ and a lot of amazing deals on collectible items that are forever priceless in the right home.

Beyond that, Stadium View Cards offers College Baseball fans traveling to the College World Series another place where generations can come together to feel the wholesome environment surrounding the College World Series. There was something so pure about Stadium View Cards; it was almost like taking a step back into my childhood. With only two forms of payment accepted by ways of cash and checks, Stadium View Cards represents everything that makes the College World Series so magical.

If you ever find the chance to attend the College World Series, I would strongly recommend taking an hour or so to make your way to Stadium View Cards to enjoy a cold beer and conversation with Mr. Piv, all the while you get lost in the history of the place.

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