Horns Down! Texas A&M defeats Texas 10-2 to stay alive in the College World Series

Omaha, Nebraska:

What started hot for the Texas Longhorns ended in an overpowering 10-2 win for the Aggies. Texas A&M came into the game with Texas looking to send their rivals, the Texas Longhorns, home with a Texas-sized season-ending loss.

Despite jumping out to a 2-0 lead, the Longhorns had no answer for the methodical Texas A&M team many had winning the National Championship coming into the 2022 College World Series. Texas A&M, with their ten runs scored, looked like the same Aggies team that had gone undefeated in the NCAA Tournament before losing on Friday night to Oklahoma.

Heading into the anticipated matchup between the Longhorns and Aggies, you could sense something was brewing for the Aggies. Sure, they lost their first game on Friday night, but if there was ever a team that could fight their way out of that position, it was Texas A&M. Picked to finish last in the SEC Standings, Texas A&M has had to fight from a corner.

Photo Credits: Texas A&M Baseball

After beating Texas 10-2 on Sunday afternoon, Micha Dallas tried to put to words just what it meant to get the win over Texas in the College World Series.

” It’s a lot of fun. But at the end of the day, it’s just playing the game and playing a nameless opponent. But there is a little extra oompf behind everything, especially when it’s Texas, because you just look at the fan bases. There’s a lot of like genuine hate between each other.
We kind of feed off of it. A lot of fun. We respect them. They’re a great ball club. But there’s a little more I don’t know, competition, yeah, I don’t know what to say. But, yeah, it’s fun.”

Photo credits: Texas A&M Baseball

Micha Dallas talked about it in the post-game press conference; the environment on Saturday was magical. On one side of Charles Schwab Field, you had those in Burnt Orange doing what they do, and on the other side of the stadium, A&M fans were doing the same.

Texas A&M Head Coach Jim Schlossnagle got asked about managing his team in the caliber of the game like the Aggies faced on Sunday against Texas.

” I think when we played earlier in the year in front of the second largest crowd ever at Disch-Falk, no disrespect to Omaha, it’s a lot tougher to win there than here. Because we had more fans rooting for us and they didn’t have as many rooting against us.
And you play in the SEC every weekend. This is — again, no disrespect to Omaha — but it’s like that almost every weekend almost everywhere you go. That’s something I’m experiencing for the first year.
The SEC, yeah, looking forward to — it’s only going to get better. It’s only going to get tougher. I watched David’s press conference with you guys. This is the golden era of college baseball. I truly believe that. It’s only going to get better when you have more scholarships, hopefully, more coaches, and more programs committing at a high level.
I hope it’s not at the expense of other people because I think our game needs to be spread across the country, but when you have a 20-round draft, and now you have more scholarships coming, that means there’s going to be some awesome players like a Melendez, like a Troy Claunch that stays in college. It’s going to be that way for a long time.

Overall, Sunday was a special day for the Texas A&M Aggies as they continue their run in the 2022 College World Series. Texas A&M will now await the loser of Oklahoma and Notre Dame on Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 local time.

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