Thoughts and takeaways from week one of the 2022 College Football season

All the anticipation of the 2022 College Football season led to a heartstopping weekend that many will never forget. All across the country, in every state, people gathered together to celebrate life and enjoy the beautiful game of College Football. What’s crazy about the weekend was that it felt nature had healed itself, and Americans were free to express their true colors. Even in the small Gulf Coast town of Dauphin Island, Alabama, everywhere you looked, you saw a representation of the entire Southeastern Conference. Houses had Alabama and Auburn decor; some had Arkansas LSU and even had a pitch of South Alabama and Southern Miss sprinkled throughout the fabric of game day on the Gulf Coast. Gas stations and coffee shops across the country were filled to the brim this weekend with people of all walks joining together in conversation about their teams and the expectations they held heading into the new College Football season.

So, what are the three takeaways I had from week one?

Kentucky Football

First, America needed College Football as badly as College Football needs America. For the first time in years, the conversation had shifted from foreign affairs, or Covid-19, toward College Football. Quite literally, people from all backgrounds and walks of life used this Labor Day Weekend of College Football as a celebration of life. It was surreal but simply electric to see stadiums packed to the brim with people who were there with one goal of cheering their program choosing; victory this weekend.

CFP Playoffs

Second, Georgia and Alabama seem to be the best two teams in the country after this weekend’s action against Utah State and Oregon. Heading into the 2022 season, both the Bulldogs and Crimson Tide played for the National Championship last season, with Kirby Smart and his Bulldogs winning their first Championship in 40 years. Coach Saban and Smart prepared their programs to be the hunter of College Football, not the hunted. Looking across the landscape of College Football after week one, you will be hard-pressed to find a better team than these two.

Mississippi State Football

Lastly, it was against Memphis, but Mississippi State and Head Coach Mike Leach looked good in their season opener on Saturday. Mississippi State dominated the line, and Will Rodgers put up an impressive performance; that mirrored the days of Dak Prescott in Starkville, Mississippi. For the first time since Mike Leach took over as Head Coach at Mississippi State, the Bulldogs have depth at every position. They’re big, fast, and look like a big-time Southeastern Conference Football team. Mississippi State has an opportunity this weekend as they head to Arizona to take on the Wildcats before heading to LSU next weekend. It’s right there in front of them. Mississippi State has a legitimate chance at earning a nine-win season and bid to play in a Florida bowl game.

There’s a lot of College Football to be played, and things will change throughout the season, but it feels so good to have it back. There’s nothing more magical than College Football season in the South.

Enjoy the ride!

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