Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Kentucky, the new age of Southeastern Conference Football

For years the Southeastern Conference Football landscape has been dominated by the likeness of Alabama and Georgia have ruled the Southeastern Conference by dominating their counterparts. Despite both programs still on top, the waters surrounding the castles have started to churn with arrivals of Arkansas, Kentucky, and Ole Miss on the scene as contenders for the crown of the SEC. If we’re honest, it feels good to have Arkansas, Kentucky, and Ole Miss competing in the Southeastern Conference. Having new blood added to the old blood shows the depth of the Conference and the potential for future growth.

KJ Jefferson – Arkansas Football

Either way, the rumor mill tries to spin things, those three schools will likely hold on to their respected coaches for an extended period furthering the vast improvements already made by these schools. When you think of College Football, you have Nick Saban and Kirby Smart, but not far behind, you have Mark Stoops, Sam Pittman, and Lane Kiffin building juggernauts that will continue to produce championship-level programs.

Lane Kiffin – Ole Miss Football

Sure, the old blood of the Southeastern Conference loves the traditional powers their schools have built. But why not the new blood? Why can’t the fresh blood of the Southeast Conference have their chance t win the Conference? There’s no reason why the two classes of the SEC can’t live together in harmony. Sooner rather than later, we’ll see those programs take the next step by reaching the SEC Championship in Atlanta and even making the College Football Playoffs without the approval of the elite in the SEC.

What we’re seeing in the SEC is the renewal of three passionate fan bases with coaches that can recruit the best talent to schools that have been dormant for too long. What the three coaches at Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Kentucky have been short of miraculous. If you combine the styles of coaching these three coaches bring to the table with how they can recruit, the perfect storm for success comes together for the Championship cultures that programs across the country strive for every day.

Will Levis – Kentucky Football

It’s only a matter of time until one of the three breakthroughs finds the perfect formula to dethrone Georgia and Alabama. When that faithful day does indeed take place, enjoy it. Those moments have been in the works for years and will lay the brickwork for others in the Southeastern Conference to follow.

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