Wrapping up the ugly win over North Texas, and taking a look at Temple on Saturday

Saturday was ugly, but it was a win for Ryan Silverfield and his Memphis Tigers. Memphis picked up their third win of the season, and Tiger Nation still has concerns over the product on the field. Memphis faced a sub-par opponent on Saturday, and the Tigers struggled on the offensive side of the ball to gain any momentum. Defensively, the Tigers had two pick-sixes and played at a high level forcing North Texas to adjust on the fly.

Some of the dismal play on the field has the potential of being credited to the lack of support that the boys felt on Saturday, causing a hit to the home-field advantage that makes Memphis Football so dangerous. Looking across the Liberty Bowl, it was next to impossible not to notice the empty seats around the stadium. Often in College Football, the home team will use the home crowd to push them past the finish line, but Saturday, that was not the case as 20,000 Memphis fans distanced themselves around the Liberty Bowl. Honestly, if you were a Memphis Football player on Saturday afternoon, it would be hard to perform your best when the hometown doesn’t come out to support you. Hopefully, as the season progresses, Memphis fans will come out in droves to back the boys in blue.

On the field, Head Coach Ryan Silverfield and his Tigers have got to figure out a way to clean up things on the offensive side of the ball. At times on Saturday, Memphis looked confused and out of place. It wasn’t because North Texas was throwing something at the Tigers they had never seen. It was because the offensive unit was ill-prepared for the task at hand. Saturday’s poor offensive showing was a poor excuse for a team with an unbelievable amount of upside. Memphis has a talented quarterback in Seth Henigan, but not a single playmaker he or Coach Silverfield can trust to make the big play.

Memphis Football

Defensively, Memphis has a solid unit of men who can compete at the highest levels in the AAC. Memphis has the pieces to have the best defensive teams in the AAC. Memphis dominated North Texas and will continue to show the success on the defensive side of the ball as the season progresses. Watching the unit compete on Saturday at the Liberty Bowl was special. For the first time in quite some time, Memphis has a defensive team that can hold their own against many of the opponents they’ll face this season.

Any way you cut it, Saturday was a win for the Memphis Tigers, and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. Memphis returns home on Saturday to take on Temple with an early kick-off at the Liberty Bowl. Go and support the boys in Blue as they look to put on for the 901 to make the city of Memphis proud!

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