Memphis fought and defeated the NCAA

Tuesday was a monumental day for the University Of Memphis as they learned their fate from the IARP, and the fight between Memphis paid off. Memphis called the NCAA on their bluff, and the NCAA caved to the ludicrous ruling that it was trying to pass down on Penny Hardaway and his Memphis Basketball program. For a couple of years now, the NCAA has also slandered the name of James Wiseman for simply being a young man with nothing who had a dream of playing College Basketball at the University Of Memphis under Penny Hardaway.

When the first wind of possible infractions came in the direction of Memphis, instead of running from the fight, they decided to hunker down and call the NCAA on their bs. A bold move for programs at the status of Memphis. Usually, when a school doesn’t bend the knee to the NCAA, the NCAA will bring fury upon that school to use as an example to other programs under the iron fist of the NCAA.

James Wiseman – Memphis Basketball

Yet, the wrath of the NCAA never came on Memphis, and the message is now loud and clear. In the days of NIL, call the NCAA on their bs and fight the governing body like hell. Memphis showed the rest of the NCAA the playbook to take down the NCAA to provide a better future for college athletics. What happened on Tuesday will go down in the history of the NCAA as the governing body of college athletics was brought to its knees by Memphis. Tuesday was a seismic win for Memphis and any school that the NCAA is currently investigating. The win for Memphis was the biggest in the Penny Hardaway era since he took over as Head Coach.

As we enter the uncharted territory set forth on Tuesday, I think it’s crucial to realize the importance of the historic ruling that came down in favor of the Memphis Tigers. For the first time, we finally have fairness presented by the NCAA. In five years, Tuesday will go down as the day the old NCAA died, and a better future for college athletics is right there for the taking. The generational chains of the NCAA are slowly starting to shatter as schools like Memphis are waking up and realizing that if they fight the system, the system will change for future generations of college athletics. Memphis decided to be the change and will forever go down as the school that fought the NCAA and won.

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