Saturday has potential to be a monster day for college football in Mississippi

November 12th has been the day that college football fans across the great state of Mississippi have circled to be the day to showcase the state in a positive light. Some would argue that November 12th is the biggest day for college football in Mississippi since October 4th, 2014. Across Mississippi, you have a State Championship game at Northwest, Ole Miss hosting Alabama in Oxford, and Mississippi State looking to play spoiler at Davis Wade Stadium against the top-ranked Georgia Bulldogs. Deion Sanders and Jackson State look to remain unbeaten against Alabama A&M, and Southern Miss will travel to Coastal Carolina with an upset on their mind.

For the last two years, sports fans will relate Mississippi to being the college baseball mecca of the universe with back-to-back National Championships from Mississippi State and Ole Miss. Yet, here we are, approaching November 12th, and all the state schools have opportunities for program-defining wins. You can’t deny the obvious that the state of Mississippi has produced talent that many states only dream of having. It starts in the high school ranks, then to JUCO, and finally to the level that many across the state know as their respected program.

Saturday is proof that the state of Mississippi is fully prepared to take the next step in defining the perception of the state. Some from other parts of the country will try to discredit the state of Mississippi and the talent they produce. Yet, here we are in November, and the state is in the limelight once again, and this time it feels like it will remain here for as long as all programs are building championship-winning programs.

An opportunity like the state of Mississippi is so rare, and fear and far between that when they come taking advantage is the only thing that matters. Imagine a world where all programs plus an instant classic JUCO Championship all happen on Saturday, the entire state of Mississippi will shut down from celebration and pride. All of that is right in front of the programs mentioned.

Make the most of the day, Mississippi, and enjoy the ride! Moments like these don’t happen often. Saturday has the potential to be a magical day in the Sip.

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