A trip to Stark Vegas

For months I debated where I would attend a college football game on November the 12th. I knew it would be in the Sip but didn’t know if I would end up in Starkville or Oxford. After consideration, I decided that a trip to the Mississippi State and Georgia game in Starkville would be the move. Like Oxford, Starkville, Mississippi, is a place I have visited on numerous occasions before, and every time gets better and better.

Mississippi State student section was rocking. – Photo Credits: Michael Fox

What makes Mississippi State unique is the genuine fans that make up the Bulldog nation. You may or may not like the cowbells, and that’s fine, you may or may not like Starkville, but one thing you will never be able to say is that Mississippi State fans aren’t fake. What you see on the surface is what you get under the hood. Mississippi State fans are everyday people who love their school and will invite opposing fans to share a drink and a meal with them while talking about the impending action on the field.

Photo credits: Michael Fox

As I embarked on my journey to Starkville, I was excited to take in another big game environment at Davis Wade Stadium. Before arrival, my Father-in-law informed me that we would be tailgating on Saturday with friends of his that had been going to Mississippi State games since birth. Hosted by Ben and his friends, the tailgate was off the charts. From incredible food to the fellowship, everything was as I expected a Mississippi State tailgate to be. What was so cool about the whole tailgate was a random meeting with a Tennessee Fan named Trey, who happened to be in Starkville cheering on Mississippi State despite being a member of the Big Orange Nation. We bonded over Tennessee and Kentucky Football and a love for the Memphis Grizzlies.

My new friend Trey. Trey is a lifelong Tennessee fan.

As far as the games go, anytime a number-one-ranked team comes to town, the crowd is guaranteed to rock. Davis Wade Stadium on Saturday night was the place to be in Mississippi. Cowbells were ringing, and dogs were barking as a matchup of the bulldogs went down. Georgia was the better team and would likely go home with a victory. Mississippi State held its own and put up a fight that Kirby Smart and the Georgia program were not expecting to see. Despite the outcome, when Georgia eventually pulled away to a 45-19 win over Mississippi State, Saturday night will linger over the program in a positive light.

Photo credits: Michael Fox

Yet, another component of the electric environment was the remarkable honoring that Mississippi State did to honor our veterans. Sure the game with Georgia was the highlight but closely behind it was the tributes throughout the evening that honored America and our Veterans. I have been to a lot of sporting events, and none come close to the love that Mississippi State showed our country and those who served our beautiful country.

The Famous Maroon Band honoring America

Overall, the trip to Starkville, Mississippi, was incredible. Mississippi State fans have a product they should continue to show off to the rest of the country. As far as the rest of the Southeastern Conference goes, do like the Georgia fans did this week and go out to a game at Davis Wade Stadium. Take in the traditions and enjoy them; it’s truly a remarkable experience that every college football fan should take in.

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