Beamer Ball strikes again

As the final seconds ticked away on another top-ten win for the South Carolina Gamecocks, one man, in particular, came to mind as they celebrated a win over Clemson. Shane Beamer was the center of attention as his Gamecocks had done it again for the second week. In his second season as the Head Football Coach at South Carolina, Coach Beamer has completely changed the culture around Gamecocks Football. Last season, South Carolina saw success when Coach Beamer led the Gamecocks to a seven-win season and bowl win over North Carolina. In 2022, South Carolina finished the regular season with eight wins, two of which came over the likeness of Clemson and Tennessee.

In case you didn’t know, Coach Shane Beamer is the son of the Hall Of Famer Frank Beamer. Like his father did a Virginia Tech, Shane Beamer has already made South Carolina into a program of the future.

What Coach Beamer is building in Columbia is unique and will likely be a threat for the rest of the Southeastern Conference to deal with for the foreseeable future. Gamecock Nation calls his style of play ” Beamer Ball” whatever it is, it works. South Carolina dominated Tennessee last week at Williams Brice Stadium, and went into Clemson and stole the hearts of the Tigers for the first time in seven years. Coach Beamer is also recruiting for the future of South Carolina Football which will bring championship celebrations to the program.

Over the last two weeks, we have witnessed what the future looks like for South Carolina. Beamer Ball isn’t for everyone, but as we saw on Saturday in their win over Clemson, it works. South Carolina has always been a program that has been close but has never been able to get over the hump. Coach Steve Spurrier got South Carolina to its height when he had the Gamecocks in the SEC Championship game, and it feels like Coach Beamer will return the program to that glory and possibly take it to the next level.

As the regular season ended today, South Carolina, with credits to Beamer Ball, will take to the postseason with enough momentum to start a fire within the program; that will position them for a successful off-season. South Carolina will likely have a birth in New Year’s Day Florida Bowl.

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