Hugh Freeze makes his return to the SEC as the Head Coach of the Auburn Tigers

As confirmed by multiple sources, Hugh Freeze is returning to the Southeastern Conference to become the Head Coach of the Auburn Tigers. Rumors swirled that Auburn would be hiring Lane Kiffin from Ole Miss, but at the end of the day, the former Ole Miss Head Coach Hugh Freeze was the man the Auburn boosters wanted to lead the program back to the promised land. Despite a rocky background with the NCAA, Hugh Freeze is a proven winner that has won at every stop he has been dating back to his high school football days as the Head Coach of Briarcrest Christian School.

In his four seasons with Liberty, Coach Freeze built a respectful program that has risen from the bottom to competing at the highest levels of College Football. In his time there, Coach Freeze defeated several power five opponents, won three straight bowl games, and provided Liberty Football with an unimaginable future to build on.

As far as the future of Auburn Football under Hugh Freeze will go? Hugh Freeze brings to Auburn a unique mindset and knowledge that will push Auburn Football back to the National Championship conversation almost immediately. Coach Freeze once defeated Coach Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide in the back-to-back season while he was the Head Coach at Ole Miss. Coach Freeze took a program such as Ole Miss and built the foundation Kiffin is using to continue turning the narrative around in Oxford.

In recruiting, Hugh Freeze dominates the road with a proven track record at Liberty and Ole Miss. Coach Freeze will use the Auburn brand to his advantage to compete with Georgia and Alabama for the top talent in the region. Players love Coach Freeze. He has the gift of making his guys feel like they belong to a program that is more of a family than anything.

Overall, Auburn has hit the homerun ball with Hugh Freeze. Coach Freeze will bring Auburn Football back from the ashes and return the program to its respected place among the elite of college football.

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