Might as well enjoy Alabama Basketball, because teams like this don’t come around often

As we await Alabama and Missouri in the first game of the 2023 SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament Semi-final, giving time to ponder, Alabama and Head Coach Nate Oats deserve credit for what they have been able to overcome this season to be at this point in the season. Some of it has been self-imposed, but Alabama Basketball has had to overcome adversity unlike any other in college basketball. Sure, Nate Oats made a dumb comment in one press conference a few weeks ago, but he owed up to his mistake as a man and has continued to mentor Brandon Miller in the wake of tragedy.

Brandon Miller has been under investigation since the news broke of the tragedy. However, Alabama did their due diligence, and Miller has played for Alabama in every game. If Coach Nate Oats and the Alabama administration feel comfortable with Brandon Miller playing for Alabama, nothing else should matter.

Not to mention, Alabama as a university has one of the best athletics departments in the Southeastern Conference. Like many others, Alabama has a legal team ready for situations such as the one that Alabama Basketball has faced this season.

Yet, as we saw with Covid, people in the media are quick to pass judgment on situations without context or a full spectrum of facts. Like anything else, the truth will come out, and people will fully understand what happened. Sure, Nate Oats and Alabama could; in the end, look foolish for playing Brandon Miller if more comes to light, and that judgment would be fair.

However, until that comes to light, why not enjoy one of the best Alabama teams in program history? For the first time since 2012 with Kentucky, the Southeastern Conference has a legitimate chance heading into March Madness to have a program cut down the nets in Houston, Texas. For Head Coach Nate Oats, his Alabama team is one of about five programs in college basketball right now with a clear-cut advantage to win a National Championship. For Alabama Basketball, winning a National Championship used to be an unthinkable dream, but for this Crimson Tide team, the Championship will be there for the taking. Alabama has always had an average basketball program. Under Nate Oats, Alabama has turned into a Southeastern Conference powerhouse with a bright future filled with Championships and NBA draft picks.

Instead of worrying about situations off the court, enjoy Alabama Basketball for who they are on the court because teams like this don’t come around often.

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