Why fix something, if it isn’t broke?

Southeastern Conference Football has survived generations of change without bending to the imposing aggressors from all corners of America. SEC Football has withstood Depressions, wars, and even a pandemic. Yet, in the off-season of the 2023 season, SEC Football, according to a report from Pat Forde, is now facing a new challenge from within. A challenge is in motion to only protect one school in the conference because that school had its feelings hurt by the Tennessee Volunteers on the Third Saturday In October. However, that rule has yet to be signed by the Southeastern Conference, and hopefully, it won’t go into place.

For those not paying attention to the report from Pat Forde, he stated in the article that Commissioner Greg Sankey is looking into a rule that could potentially take away a home game from a team in the Southeastern Conference for a repeat offense of rushing the field in football. Along with a seven-digit fine for the offenders, as seen during the 2022 season, this rule has roots that would benefit one program and one program only, Alabama. Last season Alabama lost to LSU and Tennessee on the road as expected; the scenes inside Neyland Stadium and Death Valley gave Southeastern Conference fans two of the most iconic nights of the season. It wasn’t to the fault of LSU and Tennessee that their fans wanted to celebrate as they had just won a National Championship because beating Alabama is about as rare as it comes when you’re a member of the Southeastern Conference.

Generations of Southeastern Conference Football fans have stormed the fields after big wins with family and friends. Memories that flood across generations have come from those moments in Southeastern Conference Football history. Yet, here we are ahead of the 2023 season, and because somebody got upset, it happened to them twice; the powers in charge have decided to rain down hellfire on the fun that makes Southeastern Conference Football fun. Without field storming, we would not have had the magical images from Neyland Stadium last season, where Volunteer fans partied like it was 1998 again after finally beating Alabama.

With all the changes on the horizon for college football, one with a brain and a hint of free thinking might ponder why the powers at hand are trying to change something that doesn’t need changing. At this point, it all goes back to the country being under attack from an agenda that seems to be spiraling out of control toward a pit that we will never be able to come back from. Not to add salt on the fresh cut, but the NCAA passed down another outlandish rule over the weekend to shorten the length of college football games across the country; we will now see the game clock not be stopped following first downs.

Nobody can predict what the future of college football will hold, but if things continue to change, fans can expect schools to leave the NCAA to form a non-agenda-driven league of their own. Like anything else, sound-minded people will prevail, and things will return to how they used to be.

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