Ole Miss, Arkansas, a spot in College World Series Finals up for grabs

A College Baseball rivalry unlike any other goes down on Wednesday night as the Ole Miss Rebels and Arkansas Razorbacks get ready for war. These two College Baseball programs have had a long-standing tradition of exciting Baseball matchups dating back a decade or two. On Wednesday night, It just means more.

On one side, you have the Arkansas Razorbacks, who have been so close to winning a National Championship but have fallen short many times before. To reach the Championship series, Arkansas will need to beat Ole Miss twice over the next two days.

Photo Credits: Arkansas Baseball

For Ole Miss, the magic number is one! Ole Miss has to win over Arkansas once, and the Rebels will be heading to the National Championship series for the first time in school history.

Ole Miss and Arkansas have had unique paths to get to this point. The Razorbacks and Rebels were picked to tie for first place in the SEC West this year but fell on a hard time in the middle part of the season. Also, both programs went winless in the SEC Tournament and, heading into the NCAA Tournament, had faced a major identity crisis, yet; here they are.

For Ole Miss, they weren’t even supposed to be in the NCAA Tournament. Many had the Rebels listed as the last team in the NCAA Tournament, yet Mike Bianco got his Rebels believing in something larger than the program itself. Ole Miss has gone undefeated in the NCAA Tournament by defeating the likeness of Miami, Arizona, Arkansas, Southern Miss, and Auburn. When you compare Ole Miss of early April to the Ole Miss in the Final Four of the College World Series, you will find a completely different team.

Photo Credits: Ole Miss Baseball

On the Arkansas side, the Razorbacks dropped the first game against Ole Miss 10-2 on Monday night after a crazy pitching performance from Hunter Elliott. Arkansas dominated Auburn on Tuesday to get to the rematch with the Rebels on Wednesday night.

Wednesday’s matchup between Ole Miss and Arkansas will again come down to Ole Miss pitching and the Arkansas hitting. If the Razorbacks can get to Ole Miss early and disrupt the flow that the Rebels like to play, then a game two between the two programs will be on Thursday evening with a chance in the National Championship Series on the line.

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